Italian Horror Suffers Ocular Trauma in Mortis


Richard Stanley talks tone

A Shock reader has tipped us off, repeatedly, that Italy’s Medusa Film and Gaia Films, hailing from Spain, are at work on Imago Mortis – no relation to the Brazilian “doom metal” band. Details were limited when the title was first presented to us, but time has been kind and we can now tell you Pepe Caldas is producing for illustrator-director Stefano Bessoni (representing Spain and Italy, respectively). Financing is nearly complete on this English-language which finds a group of students investigating a series of supernatural killings on their campus.

Interestingly, Hardware and Dust Devil auteur Richard Stanley did a rewrite on the script. When we contacted him for more details, he responded in kind through his usually intense MySpace blog describing the film as, “Sort of a neo-giallo taking off from [Dario Argento’s] ‘Four Flies on Grey Velvet’ by way of [Umberto Lenzi’s] ‘Spasmo’ and ‘DaVinci Code’. Expect persistent eyeball violence, weird accents and the usual spiralling, esoteric inside jokes.” Helluva way to describe it.

Stanley has recently been making headlines with his Bruce Campbell-starring Vacation (see our last news item here.

As Imago Mortis inevitably creeps closer to principal photography, we’ll hopefully have some more updates for you!

Source: Ryan Rotten