More Cell Talk from Roth


On New Orleans parallels

Two weeks following the release of Hostel: Part II (opening June 8th), Dimension Films will steer audiences into Stephen King’s room 1408 – an adaptation, coincidently, that once sat on the lap of “Hostel” head honcho Eli Roth. Directing duties eventually transferred to Mikael Hafstrom, Roth went on to write and direct his sequel while sealing up a Dimension deal putting him at the helm of another King property, Cell.

The story of a signal beamed direct into the brainpans of cell phone users – causing them to become floating, angry zombie-like “crazies” – is an apocalyptic challenge for Roth who has, until now, worked on a smaller narrative scale. Cell presents a large ensemble, explosive action and…well, scope. Nevertheless, Roth appears ready and willing to step up.

The director, on the publicity warpath heralding his next “Hostel” chapter, is talking about Cell again. In a discussion with MTV he doesn’t really say anything we haven’t already heard about before, but now he’s pulling in New Orleans metaphors when it comes to Cell‘s societal breakdown.

“You can really look at New Orleans almost as an allegory for it, I mean look what happened there, within hours people were like going crazy and killing each other. The army didn’t show up for five days and the police force quit and nobody knew what to do. Think that it’s already happened in this country so recently.”

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On another note, if you have G4 you may want to check out their next episode of Icons which has been dedicated to Roth. It airs on Sunday night at 11pm. Check your local listings. (You may find an appearance from this writer sporting a lame-o haircut.)

Source: Ryan Rotten, MTV Blog