Madigan, Hooper and Tequila Joe


Chainsaw director back in prime form?

See No Evil scribe Dan Madigan dropped Shock a line this evening to inform us that he’s pairing with Texas Chainsaw Massacre‘s Tobe Hooper for Tequila Joe.

“This is the best horror story I have heard in years” says Hooper. “I have not been this passionate about a project since the first Chainsaw. Dan really hit this one out of the ballpark. I loved his original draft to ‘See No Evil,’ it was un-friggin’-relenting and pretty intense, but Dan was disappointed that the producers changed what he wanted to show but everything in Dan’s script new just blew me away. What Dan created is the Mexican Freddy Kruger, real wild stuff.We are ready to go now!”

He goes on to describe the script’s lead as ” a tequila-swigging, meth-snorting, whore mongering, foul-mouthed, machete wielding murderous ghoul.” Hooper will direct “Joe” next with an aim for a theatrical release. More to come…

Source: Ryan Rotten