Jones Reveals Multiple Roles in Hellboy


Gender-change in store for actor

We were the first to break to you here that character actor Doug Jones is in line to play not one, but three roles in the upcoming Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, directed by Guillermo Del Toro.

When we caught up to the amiable, and pliable, actor at this year’s Saturn Awards ceremony we gabbed off-the-record about returning to the Abe Sapien role and the two other performances we had to remained mum about.

Today, however, Jones blows the lid wide open over at his official blog, maintained regularly by the actor from his new digs in Hungary.

“I am also tackling a couple of other heavily made-up characters: The Chamberlain, a doorkeeper for the King of the alternate world, and The Angel Of Death, kind of self explanatory, but not to be feared, as she (yes, she) is SUCH a cool moment in the film that will leave you wondering when you might see her again in films to come.”

Shock has learned that this “Angel of Death” is something to behold. A true piece of art created on behalf of Spectral Motion.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Doug Jones