Presto! The Wizard of Gore Trailer!


See Glover as Montag the Magnificent

Open Sky Entertainment is now presenting the trailer for Jeremy Kasten’s Wizard of Gore for your viewing pleasure (see below). Based on the H.G. Lewis 1970 splat classic, you’ll see it’s Crispin Glover stepping in as Montag the Magnificent and, look at that, he’s surrounded by Suicide Girls (helloooo, Amina Munster)! Bonus!

This is an opportune time for the trailer to bask in some exposure. In addition to starring Kip Pardue and Brad Dourif, Hostel: Part II‘s Bijou Phillips shows her face.

Kasten’s flashy and colorful (Dare I say Schumacher-ish circa Batman & Robin? Sorry, Jeremy…) relaunch of “Wizard” makes its world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival – as we first told you about here. Mark your calendars: June 22nd…midnight at the Majestic Crest Theatre. See you then!

Source: Ryan Rotten