First Report: Trailer Park Set Visit


The future of the franchise

Today the trailer park, tomorrow the world. That appears to be the mantra being sung from the set of Trailer Park of Terror (see our first announcement here), an unabashed live-action adaptation of Imperium’s four-color comic book anthology that revels in hillbilly heaven. “This isn’t a comedy though,” Jonathan Bogner stresses to Shock when we visit the set nestled in an arid valley half-hour’s drive north of Los Angeles. “You see the set we’re in – this is a nasty, scary place.” True that. We’re surrounded by corrugated steel slapped together to form a sizable shack that breaks about fifty different health codes. Behind Bogner, on a stovetop, is a pan with what we’ll just identify as “unknown meat shavings” rotting within.

Bogner, who is shepherding this production, says the Trailer Park of Terror moniker is too good not to explore further. Similar to those whose lives have stalled in the film’s community, “Trailer” has big aspirations and we may see it bleed through into to other mediums. “The potential for ‘Trailer Park of Terror’ is really multi-faceted,” Bogner explains. “We think it has the ability to be both a franchise film series. As far as it being an anthology, there’s a challenge in that. We’d love to do it where Norma [the comic and film’s iconic ‘bogeywoman’] bookends it. But we want the stories to come out organically of the trailer park, so there’s a nexus and connection to the trailer with every story. There’s also a broadband series here. What we’ve done [during production] is digitally photographed the entire set and we are going to create animated characters within a real world environment.”

He speaks from experience when it comes to the web. In the mid-’90s he helped launch a number of sites affiliated with Disney’s Toy Story and The Lion King. Later he produced Broken Saints, a Sundance winner that unspooled in increments on the Internet.

“We also think we have the potential for a live show,” he adds. “We’re in discussions with a group in Las Vegas, that’s where you’ll basically see a game show, your ‘Trailer Park IQ’ test or something like that.” And naturally, there’s a future on television. “Let’s look at these characters – what are their issues in the trailer park? Overall we just see this as an on-going opportunity to grow.”

Trailer Park of Terror is being independently financed and will go searching for a distributor once the film is complete. More from the set soon! In the meantime, check out the official MySpace here and the official film site here.

Source: Ryan Rotten