See Haunting in the Cemetery!


Robert Wise classic revisited

“No one lives any nearer than town. No one will come any nearer than that…in the night. In the dark.”

Before Jan De Bont stepped in with his big action movie philosophy, weak CGI and atmosphere-diminishing Dolby sound effects, a masterful director name Robert Wise – with screenwriter Nelson Gidding – introduced horror to a milestone haunted house picture…in 1963. The Haunting, based on Shirley Jackson’s novel, may run at a pace that feels like a tortoise compared to today’s films, which are the equivalent to a jackrabbit on Red Bull, but it can still give you the creeps.

This summer Los Angelinos can catch the film in a most ghoulish environment…the cemetery.

Each year, Cinespia hosts screenings throughout the summer at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (6000 Santa Monica Blvd.). The Haunting marks their first genre entry of the year (a picture of Suspiria is on the front page, so perhaps that’s to come?). They’ll be projecting Wise’s classic on the side of a mausoleum on Saturday, June 23rd.

Time, details and tips on attending (get there early!) and donations can be found here.

Source: Ryan Rotten