Rogue Acquires Sigler’s Infested


Based on the upcoming novel

Random House Films and Rogue Pictures have informed ShockTillYouDrop that they recently acquired author Scott Sigler’s forthcoming novel Infested.

To be published by Crown (a Random House division) next spring, the tome “details a race against escalating terror, as a CIA black-ops specialist and a Center for Disease Control scientist team up in the struggle to contain a parasite that is rapidly spreading across America. This bug’s bite turns ordinary people into crazed serial killers. The trail of corpses of both the killers and their victims soon leads to an infected man, Perry Dawsey, fighting a bloody battle for control of his own mind and body. Can Dawsey stave off his and humanity’s nightmare?”

Infested is the first in a series that will extend into at least one more chapter. Sigler is also responsible for the novel’s “Earthcore” and “Ancestor.” You can find his website here.

Rogue’s Adrienne Biddle and Alex Heineman will produce Infested with Valerie Cates.

Source: Ryan Rotten