Legend Swims in the Ocean


And the AvP 2 trailer when?

A roll of the eyes and a deep sigh. That’s how every industry insider we’ve spoken to here in Hollywood prefaces any talk about Francis Lawrence’s I Am Legend. From the FX end of things, we’ve heard it has been a nightmare due to indecisiveness. We’ll see what happens when this Will Smith vehicle, based on Richard Matheson’s brilliant novel, arrives in theaters on December 14th.

Now, onto the reason why we’re here… Frosty at Collider got the news a trailer for “Legend” is being attached to prints of Oceans 13 – expect it to premiere online the evening before.

As for Fox’s AvP 2 (read our last report here), the studio plans to give the geeks a first look at the film via a trailer at this year’s Comic-Con.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Collider