Wolf Man Howls in December


Universal’s remake creeps closer

Universal’s remake of The Wolf Man can’t come any sooner. A remake! Sacrilege! I know. I was born and raised on the Universal monster Rat Pack: Dracula, The Wolf Man, Frankenstein, the Mummy and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

But with Mark Romanek behind the camera, Andrew Kevin Walker (Sleepy Hollow, Se7en) scripting and Benicio Del Toro as Larry Talbot…it’s just a recipe I cannot deny.

Buried in a story about Universal’s drama Traveling was a small update on ol’ Wolfie. It appears he’ll be bearing his claws on set this December when principal photography begins.

The wolf bane blooms on November 14, 2008, Universal’s release date for the film.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Variety