Gaiman’s Death Attracts the Beouf


Is the comic book finally coming to the screen?

It was during the junket for Disturbia – where we interviewed young actor Shia LaBeouf – that we realized we were seeing the rise of a megastar. Seriously. This kid’s gonna hit it big and although it already has plenty of clout, Transformers now has a reason for young girls, ages 12-16, to see it because of LaBeouf’s involvement. Next up is the fourth Indiana Jones film and I seriously wonder if he’ll be game for a part in Neil Gaiman’s Death: The High Cost of Living when he’s through.

Nevertheless, Film Ick seems to have their finger on the pulse of this Gaiman production – the “Sandman” writer’s directorial debut – and they say LaBeouf’s deal is all but complete. He’s play the leading man (“Sexton Furnival,” as he’s called in the comic book).

For more details on the status of the film, click here.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Film Ick