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On the challenge of bringing aliens to Earth

“What’s unique about this ‘Alien’ movie is that we finally see the Aliens invading somewhere that most people would be familiar with – small town U.S.A. In a sense, this puts the movie in the classic horror genre where some evil being is killing innocent people in places that were once considered safe. So by this measure, it was not difficult to create new and convincing settings. The Alien is an incredibly resilient character.”

For some, the idea of relocating the xenomorph first made famous in Ridley Scott’s Alien to “small town U.S.A.” is a first-shaking act of ignorance. But it’s happening. It’s happening in Fox’s upcoming Alien vs. Predator 2, the big sci-fi/horror Christmas release of this year directed by the Strause Bros., Colin and Greg.

Oh, and that quote above? That’s an excerpt from assistant art director Andrew Li’s interview at the “Alien Experience” site. There he discusses the sequel’s influences and designs.

“I worked mainly on the sewer set and the predator spacecraft,” Li tells the site. “Andrew drew from his experience in designing ‘Dawn of the Dead’ to create the creepiness of the sewer set. We wanted to keep the sewer relatively small so that the aliens and predators would look very menacing and horrifyingly huge in the set. In fact, when the predator is standing in full costume, he is over 8 feet tall!!!”

For more of the interview, click here and look for the film on December 25th.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Alien Experience