Little Scribe Has Eyes for Eaden


From the producer of The Descent

In 2002, writer James Watkins co-penned a taught, paranoid tale called My Little Eye with David Hilton. Directed by Marc Evans, the film follows a house full of strangers over the span of a wintry six months while their every move is monitored by security cameras. Highly recommended.

Shock has learned Watkins is now moving on to working with a younger ensemble for something that sounds equally promising. The writer is shifting to the director’s chair for Eaden Lake, a film gearing up for a mid-summer start in London. All we’ve been told is that the story concerns seven teenage boys who torment a young couple out on a camping trip. Celador Films is producing with Christian Colson (The Descent). Casting is underway. We’ll have more updates as they come in.

Source: Ryan Rotten