Poster, Trailer for The Tattooist


Ladies, get ready for some bare Behr

The trailer for TV vet Peter Burger’s first feature, The Tattooist, has gone live at Yahoo! Xtra. Steeped in the lore of the Samoan tatau, the film finds Jason Behr (The Grudge) buff, inked and ready for lovin’ as a tattoo artist hoping to expand his artistic horizons by learning more about the Fiji-originated tradition. Through his meddling research he inadvertently releases an evil spirit when he steals an ancient Somoan tattooing tool. Subsequently, everyone he comes into contact with dies. Good one.

Nathaniel Lees (“Mifune” from Matrix Revolutions) co-stars with Mia Blake and Robbie Magasiva who also appears in Perfect Creature which arrives on U.S. shores July 17th.

The Tattooist was co-penned, with Matthew Grainger, by Jonathan King – writer/director of the forthcoming horror comedy Black Sheep – and opens in theaters in New Zealand on August 30th. Wallpapers and pics from the film can be found here.

Jason Behr also stars in Skinwalkers, a new werewolf flick by James Isaac (Jason X). That one claws for a place at the box office this summer via After Dark Films.

Source: Ryan Rotten