India Calls for Virgin Horror


It’s not what you think

The teen horror craze is about to sweep India. Virgin Comics and production house Studio 18 are at work on a line of youth-oriented horror fare that will stretch across video games, film and publishing. Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth‘s Shekhar Kapur and Richard Branson are invested in this deal and any potential franchise stemming from the partnership between Virgin and Studio 18 – such as graphic novels – will go worldwide.

“For centuries, India has enchanted, intrigued, and enlightened the world,” Chopra tells THR. “Now it’s time to scare the hell out of it. Bring your demons, ghosts and nightmares here and we’ll take them to the world.”

Virgin Comics is already bridging the world of pulp and the big screen with their “director’s line” of books. John Woo, Guy Ritchie and Kapur all have titles on stands (Snakewoman, Seven Brothers and The Gamekeeper, respectively). Most of the titles under the Indian “Shakti” line are derived from the country’s classic legends.

Source: Ryan Rotten, The Hollywood Reporter