Mother Makes Premiere Date


Shock sees five minutes!

Book your flight now or forever hold your peace. If you want to see the premiere for Dario Argento’s Mother of Tears (the news-hogging next chapter in the Italian maestro’s “Three Mothers” trilogy) plan on venturing to the RomaCinemaFest in, you guessed it, Italy. The fest runs October 18th – 27th. For more details click on the link.

Also, Shock had the benefit of seeing five minutes of the film – a riotous, sick mess of pure Argento magic. The bit we saw featured actress Asia Argento and Coralina Cataldi mulling over what appear to be three statues. Then “the monkey” arrives (and it’s one mean-ass monkey)…and an ensuing slaughter that doesn’t hold back on the grue. Quite exciting to see – Argento seems to be in prime form and no woman is safe in this one!

Source: Ryan Rotten, The Hollywood Reporter