Wrong Director Dines on Bad Meat


Teens…served up rare

Aside from declaring one of the worst headlines ever (“Schmidt Handles Tiger’s ‘Meat’?!), The Hollywood Reporter announced Rob Schmidt is set to direct Bad Meat. Story follows a group of teens sent away to a boot camp only to have “the tables turned on them.” Strangely, it sounds like a Disney movie with one of the Olsen twins. Given the title, however…

The report does promise “gore” and comedy so this is a change of pace for Schmidt who delivered the grisly ’70s throwback Wrong Turn in ’03 and last season’s “Masters of Horror” entry “Right to Die” (one of the better episodes). Up next he has The Alphabet Killer which reteams him with “Turn” hottie Eliza Dushku.

Tiger Aspect will produce the new flick. “I love this script and I intend to make it the scariest movie of my career,” Schmidt tells Variety in a separate news item. “It’s a great ‘Saturday night at the movies’ movie, and with a good quotient of blood and other bodily fluids, it hits all the right horror notes.”

We put a line in to Schmidt for more details on “Meat” so keep it here for the latest!

Source: Ryan Rotten, The Hollywood Reporter