Soter Rabid for Knoxville


Broken Lizard writer ditches the laughs

If Broken Lizard scribe Paul Soter has his way, he’ll be pushing Johnny Knoxville through his most grueling challenge yet: enduring a town of rabid dogs.

The writer-director partially responsible for Club Dread and Super Troopers wants to a take turn for the more serious with his next film. Soter just wrapped Watching the Detectives, his directorial debut, and tells MTV he’s hoping to take a crack at horror next.

“It’s about a small Colorado town and there’s a forest fire nearby and it ignites these lost barrels of toxic who knows what,” Soter explains. “It blows this toxic ash into town and makes all the dogs go apeshit. The lead guy is in a custody battle for his son and has him for the weekend. He’s a firefighter and drops off his son at school and goes into town to fight the fire when he realizes what’s going on. So he’s on one side of town. His eight-year-old boy is on the other side of town. He’s got to get through this army of rabid dogs to get his son.”

So, is this untitled gem a cross-breed of Dogs and I Drink Your Blood maybe?

And where does Johnny Knoxville’s latest form of bodily punishment fit into all of this? Soter is going out to the “Jackass” star to lead the film. According to the director, Knoxville has “shown some interest.”

Source: Ryan Rotten, MTV