Hollywood Goes to the Trailer Park


Shooting begins on comic book adaptation

She’s got a knock-out body, a taste for blood and she’s 100% trailer park trash. Her name’s Norma, the femme fatale of Trailer Park of Terror, a new film based on the Pennsylvania-based Imperium comic book anthology.

The property was bought by Bogner Entertainment back in 2005. Shock was given the heads-up that principal photography on the live-action feature has begun in the Los Angeles area with music video director Steven Goldmann (Broken Bridges) at the helm. Timothy Dolan rolled up his sleeves to adapt the comic, abandoning the anthology nature of the comic series for something more straight-forward.

On a dark and stormy night six troubled high school students, with their Pastor, return from a mountain retreat (one of those team-building exercises). Along the way their bus crashes and the teens are forced to find shelter in a seemingly abandoned trailer park – except, no, they’re not alone. Norma, a “damned redneck reaper,” and her gaggle of macabre miscreants reside in this village of sleaze, beer cans and spent cigarette butts.

Nichole Hiltz (“The Riches,” All Souls Day), Ryan Carnes (“Desperate Housewives”), Haley Marie Norman (Norbit) and Michelle Lee (The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) topline the cast with Devil’s Rejects rejects Priscilla Barnes and Lew Temple co-starring. On FX duties is Drac Studios’ Todd Tucker, Greg Cannom and Harvey Lowry.

You’ll be hearing more about this one around these parts so stay tuned…

Source: Ryan Rotten