No End to Line’s Praise


Underground shocker building steam

From giant alligators to cockroaches disguised as humans to C.H.U.D.s (goddamn ’em), we’ve learned by now that the tunnels beneath any metropolis are a dangerous place to roam if horror history is correct.

Well, it ain’t getting any better.

In End of the Line a subway train carrying a nurse on her way home stops inexplicably and before you know it, the passengers are getting slaughtered, crazed cult members are coming out of the shadows and a supernatural force is after all of the train’s survivors.

“Line” is Maurice Devereaux’s latest feature following 2001’s Slashers (an interesting play on the reality television craze) and positive reviews are spilling forth. Devereaux, a Montreal native, got his first taste of really good buzz last year when “Line” was accepted into the Toronto Film Fest, now we’ve been told the film has taken home the Audience Award at Scotland’s Dead by Dawn horror film festival. Up next? A June 6th screening at the Vitesse Lumiere Festival in Quebec City and, of course, Montreal’s Fantasia Film Fest.

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Source: Ryan Rotten