Updated: Gilmore Star Up for Repo!


From small screen to opera scene

During an interview with TV Guide actor Scott Patterson of “Gilmore Girls” revealed that he’s “also up for the lead in ‘Repo! A Genetic Opera.’ Darren Lynn Bousman is directing it, and he’s just amazing. I have a big singing audition for him tomorrow in full wardrobe. I’m very excited about it.”

Patterson, who’s bidding adieu to “Girls” (the show got axed), is currently wrapping some wet work on Bousman’s Saw IV in Toronto where he co-stars with Tobin Bell and Angus Macfadyen.

Repo! The Genetic Opera – an edgy, off-the-wall, grotesque musical – is next in line for the “Saw” helmer. Set up at Lionsgate, it’s a cult classic-in-the-making that concerns itself with the organ harvesting market. The title “repo” is derived from the story’s Repo Men who reclaim organs from those who don’t keep up on their payments to keep their vital insides.

Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate gave Bousman the thumbs up to move ahead on Repo! when they saw a demo reel featuring a few select scenes and songs from the script.

Hear a rough of one Repo! song here!

Source: Ryan Rotten, TV Guide