Blackburne Rises Again


Hyde, Dark Horse adapts ’03 graphic novel

In early 2003, Dark Horse Comics, storyteller Fabian Nicieza and Italian artist Stefano Raffaele collaborated on The Blackburne Covenant. The four-issue mini-series focused on Richard Kaine, a novelist who becomes the target of the titular group because his debut bestseller detailed an event that has been hidden for centuries. Of course, Kaine thought his idea was an original and now he’s ensnared in a dark supernatural mystery.

Cut to four years later and “Blackburne” has become the subject of a new film set up at Hyde Park Entertainment (Premonition) and Dark Horse Entertainment (Hellboy).

The project actually signals the beginning of a partnership between the two production entities who will be overseeing a series of mid-range indie flicks. Hyde already has a relationship with Fox. No word yet on who will be adapting “Blackburne” for the big screen.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Variety