Help Hatchet!


Special message from Adam Green

You’ve heard about the film for what feels like forever now, but believe it or not Adam Green’s Hatchet is coming to theaters this fall. Anchor Bay releases this love letter to slasher films on September 7th.

Those of you who caught 28 Weeks Later may have seen the theatrical trailer. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be hitting a multiplex near you. Actually, Hatchet is fighting an uphill battle at the moment and its writer-director is now asking for your help.

“Go in person, write, email, call – whatever it takes to keep on your local theater’s manager and make sure that ‘Hatchet’ is playing near YOU on the very day it opens. Your voices make all of the difference. It’s in YOUR hands now. Do you want more PG-13 Hollywood remakes? Or do you want to see some old school American horror at the box office again? It’s time for the Hatchet Army to bring it to the front lines. We’re counting on YOU!”

You heard the man. Get to it…and look for Green at Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors next weekend!

Source: Ryan Rotten