Danielle Harris on Halloween


Nudity not a prob for actress

“I’m the sheriff’s daughter so I should know how to kick some ass,” says the adorably petite Danielle Harris of her part in Rob Zombie’s Halloween. In the re-imagining (hitting theaters August 31st) she plays Annie Brackett, daughter to Haddonfield’s head of police – shoes filled by Brad Dourif. Zombie’s film is a return to the “Halloween” franchise for Harris; but her turn as Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4 and Halloween 5 nearly lost her the chance to participate in this series restart.

“I had to fight to get in there because Rob didn’t want to bring anybody back from the other movies,” Harris tells Shock from the red carpet at the Saturn Awards. “So, I broke down the door and went in and was like, ‘put me on an audition tape because I know I can do this.'” Her perseverance paid off and the experience of working with Zombie was creatively liberating. “He was just awesome and let me do whatever I wanted to do and never held back. You’ll see it in the movie, everything we did was not in the script, it was all stuff we did on the spot.”

She says tussling with the new Myers (played by Tyler Mane) was a breeze given her experience even though she is dwarfed by Mane’s six-foot-plus frame. “Tyler was awesome, I told him once – when we had to struggle – ‘I’m gonna try to really get away from you. So I’m not gonna go down easy, you’re really gonna have to try and grab me.’ I kept getting away from him while Rob’s just there letting the cameras roll.” But as we’ve seen in the trailer for the film – which ends on a shot of Harris being violently yanked into her house, all does not end well for poor Annie. “I came home from shooting that scene, actually, and told my boyfriend, ‘I did the coolest scene today, I come out of the house half-naked and Michael Myers comes up behind me and drags me back in, it was awesome!'”

When we broach the subject of her rumored nudity in the film (a first for her), the actress says, “I think that for me it actually helped because I’m not usually a vulnerable person. For me to be topless and going through the physical stuff had to go through, you’ll see that vulnerability on screen.”

Source: Ryan Rotten