Cohen: God Told Me To…


…remake another ’70s flick?

Ever so slowly the works of Larry Cohen are creeping onto the remake bus bound for a theater near you. Behind the wheel is an remake of the writer-director’s mutant baby bash It’s Alive with Bijou Phillips (Hostel: Part II) and director Josef Rusnak (The Thirteenth Floor). Others are not far behind as Cohen revealed to Shock at the Saturn Awards last night. “I was just talking about ‘God Told Me To’ being remade, there’s some interest in that,” he says.

The ’76 original found Tony Lo Bianco playing a NYC detective trying to connect a series of random attacks. Inexplicably, those behind the crimes – including the late Andy Kaufman playing a police officer who goes buck wild during a St. Patty’s Day parade – would claim that “God” told them to commit the horrendous acts. “James Gunn was talking about it yesterday, so we’ll see what happens. We’re going to do a remake of [the Fred Williamson-starring] ‘Black Caesar’ as well.”

Source: Ryan Rotten