The Future of Dr. Loomis


McDowell in for the long haul

During a press conference call about the hit television series “Heroes,” seasoned thespian Malcolm McDowell – the future Dr. Loomis in Rob Zombie’s Halloween – revealed this bit of information that’s bound to get the fans talking: He has signed for three Halloween installments.

“They obviously think its gonna be a big hit,” he says, “they” meaning Dimension Films and producer Malek Akkad. This is a new development even to me that’s at once surprising yet not at all suprising to hear.

Surprising considering that Zombie’s approach, well, doesn’t lend itself to sequels. Not surprising because…never say never, right? Even during my chat with Akkad when I visited the set a few months back, we talked about the future of the franchise. You’ll just have to read about what he said when the set visit hits newsstands in Fangoria in July.

Just know the future of Michael Myers lies in the hands of the fans and that gigantic dollar sign in the sky.

In other Halloween news, Bloody-Disgusting has posted the “yellow band” trailer for the film here.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Splatter Films