Update: Legion of Michael


We have a winner!

Update: We’ve got a winner, fiends. Congrats to Curtis Delawder! You, sir, have scored an authentic prop from Rob Zombie’s film.

With that, our Legion of Michael contest is OFFICIALLY DONE. Click on the links of the participating sites below to see who else has won!

This summer, fear takes shape once again in Dimension Films’ Halloween, a bold re-imagining of John Carpenter’s 1978 slasher milestone that has spawned seven sequels and countless copycats. Through the eyes of Rob Zombie – director of House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects – audiences will get a vigorous new take on the film that spawned one of horror’s largest followings.

That said, ShockTillYouDrop.com – in association with ArrowintheHead, Blood-Disgusting, DreadCentral and the Halloween Mask Association – presents…

Struck from the mind of Zombie himself, Legion is your chance to put the word “event” back into the movie-going experience – recall the days when lines formed around the block for The Omen and The Exorcist.

To join the “Legion of Michael” you need only do one thing, well three things, actually: First, break out your favorite Michael Myers mask (or make one any way you see fit) and jumpsuit and arrive at your local theater in costume when you see Halloween on the weekend of August 31st. Second, take a photo of yourself in your Myers get-up. Then, submit it to us!

You must do this between August 31st – September 2nd, we will accept no photos after then.

Following Halloween‘s opening weekend we’ll select one lucky winner with the best photo to receive a prop from the film chosen by Zombie! Best part is, you can submit your glamour shot to all four participating sites to increase your chances of winning. The winner and their pic will be shown here. Be creative, be boring, but it’s gotta be you at the theater.

“I always knew that ‘Halloween’ had die-hard fans, but it wasn’t until I began work on my new version of ‘Halloween’ that I really begin to understand just how insanely deep the love of Michael Myers goes,” says Zombie. “I take working on this new version of ‘Halloween’ very serious and I especially take the character of Michael Myers dead serious. I know the fans are worried I’ve change things about this iconic character, but I haven’t. I’ve added some things, but haven’t taken away any of the classic elements we all love. Come August 31st, I think you are gonna be pretty f**king happy.”

Struck by the immense response over at the official Halloween MySpace Page, Zombie adds, “this is where the idea of The Legion of Michael began. So many fans have Michael masks and dress as Michael for ‘Halloween,’ I figured f**k it, let’s take it to a new level. Obviously cynics will treat it like some lame publicity thing, but that’s not the intention. I have tried my best to keep anything cheap or exploitive away from ‘Halloween.’ I want it to be created by the fans and for the fans who love this character. Michael is back on the big screen, bigger and badder than ever! So let’s f**king live it up.”

The winner will receive an authentic prop mask – one created by young Michael while he’s cooped up in Smith’s Grove! Entries should be submitted to me here: RyanRotten@ShockTillYouDrop.com!

Bear in mind, no silly business will be tolerated and we are not responsible if you wind up acting like a fool – in your mask in public – so please keep this in mind…

– Contestants should not enter stores, disrupting business or destroying property, unless it is cleared beforehand by the store owner.

– Contestants are not to directly approach anyone, much less chase them. If a person shies away, move along.

– Contestants should not block traffic, or disrupt their surroundings. A location should be exactly the way it was when you arrived after you leave it.

– If you’re asked to remove the mask, do so without incident or protest.

More importantly…have fun! Updates to come!

Source: Ryan Rotten