Haunted Hill 2 Plot Details


Cerina Vincent teases us

The doors to the Vannacutt Psychiatric Institute for the Criminally Insane are re-opening this fall in Return to House on Haunted Hill. As we reported here, the direct-to-DVD sequel from Dark Castle Films, directed by Victor Garcia, promises to give the viewer the power to guide the flick in a number of directions and outcomes.

Geek control fantasy come true, right? And exciting news, sure, but it has managed to overshadow the fact that we still don’t know what the film is about. Well, Shock spent some time with lovely star Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever) and got some answers, although she has been stricken with an order from up high (that’d be Joel Silver’s Dark Castle) not to divulge too much. We let her off easy…but next time, it’s time to spill the beans.

“I play Michelle who is a college student,” she says. The actress is joined by fellow “House” trespassers Erik Palladino, Amanda Righetti, Andrew Lee Potts and Tom Riley. Jeffrey Combs returns as the sinister Dr. Vannacutt. “My character’s got a two-sided thing going on, but I’m with a group who goes back to the original house for a good reason. The movie starts off based on the events of the previous film’s characters and there’s something in the house these people are after, something that gives us reason to go. Then it gets into plenty of twists and turns.”

Filming took place last year in Bulgaria, a haul from William Malone’s 1999 remake that utilized exteriors of the Griffith Park Observatory. “This one looks cool to me. It may have an even cooler look than [Malone’s film]. We were shooting in these old bathhouses where there really was mold growing up the walls and it was eerie. The stuff that they built to add to it was great.”

Vincent adds she’s glad to be part of the Dark Castle family now and was thrilled to be on a film with such an up-and-coming director. “Victor had done a really cool short film [El Ciclo] and he comes from the FX world,” the actress elaborates. Garcia’s FX credits include Romasanta, Hellboy and Stuart Gordon’s Dagon. “He knows his horror. This was a different experience for him because he’s got this huge set with all of these actors and it was a big job. He’s really cool and really talented though. Horror fans will be happy.”

Return to House on Haunted Hill will street sometime in September. More on Shock’s interview with Cerina Vincent coming soon…

Source: Ryan Rotten