Fright Channel This July


Taking a bite out of the competition

Persistence is the only way we’re ever going to see a horror channel without the trappings of a satellite dish or HD service (Chiller, Monsters HD) or Internet connection (Fearnet). Persistence, clout, money…and a block of time to get you rolling.

Like many have tried before him, Rob Claridge (“The Bachelor,” “Average Joe”) is spearheading a horror channel of his own, one called “The Fear Channel.”

Right now they’ve got a website and a launch date – this July on Friday the 13th. Claridge has purchased blocks of cable time in New York and Los Angeles to air his programming between 10pm and midnight. What makes his channel unique, he says, is the rare, never-before-seen films and original content he has slated for the channel. Those “never-before-seen” movies could simply mean indies with no distributors, but we’ll see.

There are also plans to launch Fright Jr., a kid-friendly counterpart with educational programming…like carving fresh meat with Leatherface and how to avoid strangers with Freddy Krueger (I kid, I kid).

Check out their site and explore!

Source: Ryan Rotten, Multichannel