Grais on Fourth Poltergeist?


Sequel heading towards the light

Clint Morris at Moviehole seems to have a lead on what’s happening with a fourth “Poltergeist” film at MGM.

According to Clint, a number of insiders are pointing to Michael Grais – co-writer of Poltergeist (on which he shared screen credit with Spielberg and Mark Victor) and Poltergeist II: The Other Side (again, working with Victor) – as the savior to revive the series.

Grais may pen a new chapter tentatively titled Poltergeist: In the Shadows. From Clint’s report, it appears as if MGM is looking to take their franchise in “a whole new direction.” Still, things are still too early to confirm or deny…but let the speculation begin, right?

Hard to take this with a grain of salt since Clint penned a scriptment of the proposed Poltergeist: Kayeri not long ago – his connections still run deep and loyal, it appears.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Moviehole