Long Weekend Remake Planned!


Nature runs amok in Australia

“Their crime was against nature…and nature found them guilty!”

Somehow we knew this was coming ever since Synapse Films’ DVD re-introduced the film to a new generation. Jamie Blanks (Valentine), according to Fangoria, is embarking on a new Long Weekend – a remake of the 1978 Australia film by Colin Eggleston.

Known for its potent atmosphere, lush locale and grim story, the film stars John Hargreaves and Briony Behets as a couple under marital strain who set off for the coast for a vacation. As their weekend rolls on, nature inexplicably begins to react quite unkindly to this couple’s presence. Beware the manitee…that’s all we got to say.

Everett De Roche, who penned the original, will write the remake. He also collaborated with Blanks on the director’s Aussie thriller Storm Warning. “It’s exactly 30 years since the original was made, and the story is even more relevant today than when it first came out,” Blanks tells the mag. “I’ve wanted to remake this movie since I was in film school, and I’m delighted to get my chance to tell one of Everett’s best stories at a point when its message will carry more weight than it did in the public consciousness 30 years ago. The picture will be shot on the southernmost tip of the Australian mainland; we will be the first feature film to have ever filmed in this location.”

The film will be produced under Arclight Films. Check out the original – highly recommended!

Source: Ryan Rotten, Fangoria