Hellraiser Remake Update


Barker’s treatment is in

Clive Barker and Dimension Films are still aiming to raise a little hell. From the set of Lakeshore’s Midnight Meat Train, our Shock correspondent confirmed the Hellraiser remake announced last fall is still on the slab. Seraphim Film’s Joe Daley tells us Barker has turned in a treatment for the film. Sources tell us the manuscript consisted of forty-pages, all hand-written, which was later typed into something presentable. As you may recall, when the idea to update Barker’s ’87 milestone, the author agreed to write and produce the film to ensure it was done the right way.

“There are some areas of the first movie where I think we can be a lot more intense and a lot more scary,” he told Variety. “It will not be simply a reworking or reshooting of the first picture.”

Since the November ’06 announcement things have been quiet. Unsubstantiated talk that Barker was not going to write the script after all floated our way. Daley says otherwise, that Clive – amid his busy schedule – still aims to flesh out his treatment into a proper screenplay. It just may not be happening as fast as everyone anticipated – some speculated that Dimension would shoehorn it in for an ’07 release to mark the original film’s 20th anniversary.

Phil and Sarah at Revelations spoke to Barker not long ago who expounded on the above. “The ‘Hellraiser’ treatment has been signed off on by Miramax. They have it in their hands and they like it, and they want a bit more ‘Hellraiser’ mythology, which is music to my ears – it’s the first time I’ve ever heard that request! You know, where do I sign? But they’ve already signed so that’s fine…”

Source: Ryan Rotten