More Evil Dead 4 News for the Fire


And what’s up with the remake?

When Raimi’s fevered brain isn’t thinking Spider-Man, and he allows himself the time to talk to press, there’s always some morsel of Evil Dead 4 info to be had. But we’ve been down this road before…when Spider-Man came out, then Spider-Man 2. It’s always the same: another adventure with Ash may be in the cards.

Here’s the latest. Australia’s Herald Sun chatted with Sony’s resident web-head who revealed he’s prodding his brother Ivan, co-writer on Army of Darkness, to pen the fourth “Dead.” “We have been talking about another one, but we haven’t started work on it,” Raimi tells the paper.

And life goes on.

Speculation around various outlets have questioned the absence of the proposed Evil Dead remake in the Herald‘s piece – if Raimi doesn’t talk about it, does it exist? Shock can tell you, yes – it’s still very much in the cards at Ghost House Pictures. We’ve been told Raimi wanted the Spider-Man 3 hoopla to die down before getting serious and finding the right talent for the remake.

Source: Ryan Rotten, The Herald Sun