Julie Delpy is The Countess


Directing and starring in Bathory tale

The Countess Bathory story, like the subject itself, never dies. Someone will keep trying until they get it right. In the last few years we had Eternal, a modern approach to the blood-bathing hottie who retained her youth by murdering young girls. Coming up we’ve got another Hellboy cartoon – entitled “Blood and Iron” – that is said to have Big Red versus the plasma-lovin’ bitch. Now there’s The Countess, actress Julie Delpy’s pet project about the true accounts of Erzsebet Bathory that she’ll be directing and starring in. According to Fango, genre beauty Radha Mitchell (Silent Hill) is co-starring with Vincent Gallo and Ethan Hawke. The pic is said to begin shooting this summer in Eastern Europe with Hood of Horrors‘ Chris Tuffin and Martin Shore co-producing.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Fangoria