Mummy 3 Casts Its Future


Rick O’Connell has a successor

Despite early reports of actor Alex Pettyfer being set to play a young, adventurous O’Connell in Universal’s The Mummy 3, Variety has announced Luke Ford is now locked as the son of Rick O’Connell, Alex. The move, according to director Rob Cohen, is to hopefully propel the franchise even further with this introduction of a new, fresh character.

Brendan Fraser is returning as Rick, naturally, and in this entry the duo venture into the Himalayas where they encounter a new mummy (Jet Li) – a former Chinese emperor cursed by some evil wizard, played by Michelle Yeoh. Rachel Weisz ducked out of the role of Evelyn, a part she played in the first two “Mummy” films…but no matter, they’re auditioning other actresses to replace her.

The Mummy 3 unravels in Montreal this July based on a script by “Smallville” scribes Miles Millar and Alfred Gough. The sequel will join a busy summer schedule of franchise pics in ’08.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Variety