Smith Moves a Little Closer to Miramax


Ruins director staying busy

In the midst of prepping The Ruins for Dreamworks, director Carter Smith (Bugcrush) has already lined up his next endeavor, Come Closer, for Miramax. According to Variety, “Closer” was an orphan of the Miramax/Disney/Weinstein Bros. split.

Originally in development at Dimension, it remained with the Disney-owned Miramax when the Weinsteins went off on their own and formed The Weinstein Co. Miramax’s David Greenbaum later saw potential in the property, scrapped Hossein Amini’s original adaptation of the 2003 Sara Gran novel and brought Smith on board with screenwriter Tristine Skyler who’s now taking a go at the story.

Amanda, the subject of Gran’s acclaimed book, is a woman who begins to hear strange noises and experience bizarre occurrences that she gradually accepts. Variety’s synopsis reads that Smith’s film “concerns a woman who may be possessed by unseen forces or simply may be losing her mind.” Greenbaum hopes to have the film in production by early next year.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Variety