Teaser Poster for Wicked Lake


Chris Sivertson’s witchy brew

Still very much embroiled in post-production on I Know Who Killed Me, Chris Sivertson may not be thinking about the future at this very moment, but the future sure is thinking about him. A teaser poster for Wicked Lake (see below), Sivertson’s possible next project written by Adam Rockoff (Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film), has gone up at Fever Dreams’ raw website. The piece of art was likely created to generate investor and distributor interest.

As of earlier this year, Sivertson was still going on the record to say “Lake” will be his next project once “I Know” – a Lindsay Lohan horror summer movie vehicle for Sony – hits theaters July 27th. Then again, Lohan has recently been talking about another collaboration called Hippy (read about that here), so who knows what will take priority at this point? Either way, we’re all still waiting for The Lost, Sivertson’s disturbing feature debut, to make its way into theaters…onto DVD.

Fever Dreams is currently in production on Dave Parker’s The Hills Run Red.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Fever Dreams