Tomaselli to Direct Alice, Sweet Alice


Coming in 2008

The Underground Horror Movie Network caught up to Dante Tomaselli and learned the writer-director who brought us Desecration, Horror and Satan’s Playground has been given Alfred Sole’s blessing to re-do Alice, Sweet Alice.

The plan is to get the film ready for 2008. For some time Tomaselli was flirting with just a straight sequel, but, “These new remakes look way too light and modern with the cotton candy casting…CGI silliness,” Tomaselli tells the site. “They look like f**king television commercials! Soon all of our favorites will be zapped out, every last one. So Alfred and I thought with Alice Sweet Alice, we just want to beat everybody to the punch.”

Sole, now a production designer on Veronica Mars, introduced audiences to “Alice” in ’76. It was originally titled Communion – inspired by the film’s catalyst kill which involves a young girl receiving her first communion. What follows is a body count whodunit where the young woman’s sister falls under suspicion. The film is notable for many things including introducing the world to Brooke Shields – who Tomselli says he hopes to land for a cameo.

Read UHMN’s full interview here.

Source: Ryan Rotten, UHMN