Hell Ride Loves the Lady


Tarantino flick scores with Madison

Ah, now we’re talking. Two weeks of casting news surrounding Larry Bishop’s Hell Ride (read our last report here) have yielded nothing but testosterone. Now we’re proud to say the film has landed a female lead. Problem is, if the film’s synopsis is any indication, she’s not going to last too long.

Those dudes at Arrow in the Head were snooping around MySpace (watch out for Chris Hansen trolling for “predators,” boys!) and there they discovered actress Koda Madison’s blog where she excitedly announces her involvement in Bishop’s bikers vs. satanic bikers revenge scenario.

She says that after five producer meetings she landed a leading role in the film presented by Quentin Tarantino, however, she doesn’t exactly specify who she’s playing. One theory is she’ll play Cherokee Kisum, Pistolero’s gal who dies by the hands of the 666ers.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Koda Madison