Writers Reap a Dark Harvest


Also, update on The Black House

When Johnathan Schaech talks of his good fortune, not as an actor, but as a screenwriter, he gets giddy, for lack of a better word. And he loves to gab about the craft. When we caught up to Schaech on the set of Screen Gems’ Prom Night he provided us with the first word on Tobe Hooper’s possible involvement in the writer’s adaptation of Stephen King’s Cemetery Dance. Released appropriately last October, the story details a bizarre Halloween tradition during which a handful of young men in a small town have to track down a being called the October Boy. It’s a rites of passage ordeal where the winner who succeeds gets a free ride out of town.

This latest script for Goldsman is an extension of Schaech and Chizmar’s relationship with the producer that began with The Black House. The pair penned a big screen adaptation of the Stephen King/Peter Straub sequel to “The Talisman.” Goldsman picked it up, impressed by their work. Where The Black House rests now, Schaech is uncertain. TNT and Steven Spielberg are finally moving on a “Talisman” mini-series. Does he think the hype will push “Black House” along faster? “I think we’re just waiting,” he says. “It’s all business stuff too [at this point]. ‘The Talisman’ is over at TNT with Spielberg. [‘Black House’] is at Warner Bros. so we’ve got to try to get in there. King is very loyal to his writers. He’s read [our ‘Black House’] and loves it. We wrote it so it would be a feature film. We were smart though so you can take it as a sequel to ‘The Talisman.'”

Source: Ryan Rotten