There’s an Infestation at Icon


Marquette squashes big bugs

Office nightmare scenario #4454: You wake up…and you’ve never left work. Furthermore, you’ve been cocooned in webbing and you’re a fixture on the office wall. Nope, it’s not some wet dream about Tobey Maguire; this predicament is the diving board for Infestation – Icon Productions’ horror comedy from writer-director Kyle Rankin (The Battle of Shaker Heights).

Christopher Marquette has taken the leading role – a victim of the aforementioned “problem” who realizes his world has been overrun by alien insects. It’s up to him to scrounge up survivors and fight back. Marquette co-starred in Alpha Dog and is the Vivid Video-appreciating wannabe director in Fox’s The Girl Next Door. You’ll also see him in David Goyer’s The Invisible opening this week.

Rankin begins shooting Infestation in Bulgaria in late May. Rhoades Rader (Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story), Jeff Balis (also of “Shaker Heights”), T.J. Sakasegawa (Lake Placid 2) and Bruce Davey are producing.

Source: Ryan Rotten, The Hollywood Reporter