Jones Spills Mucho Blood in Meat Train


Confirms Hell Ride involvement

Vinnie Jones has got blood on his hands. Not the wet, drippy kind, no. His palms are stained with crimson, like a kid on the morning of November 1st who played with too much fake blood the Halloween night before. For Jones, it’s a physical memory of the mock violence he has committed elsewhere.

Shock suspiciously eyes his reddish mitts when we catch up to the dapper, thuggish Brit while making the press rounds for The Condemned, an action vehicle for WWE superstar Steve Austin that opens wide April 27th. Our attendance is two-fold. To learn more about Jones’ part in the film, but more specifically we’re interested in how things are going on Clive Barker’s Midnight Meat Train.

Ryuhei Kitamura (Versus) is bringing this Barker short story (printed within the author’s “Books of Blood”) to life for Lakeshore Entertainment. In it, Bradley Cooper (The Wedding Crashers) plays a photographer who gets to the bottom of a series of subway killings. Care to guess who’s doing the butchering? Jones plays Mahogany, a precise and devoted executioner whose killing floor is a subway car. Just before arriving to today’s junket, he tells us he had “just got done skinning [real-life fighter Quinton “Rampage” Jackson] before I left.”

“I’ve never seen so much blood [on a film],” Jones says wide-eyed. “Literally, big gallons of blood. We’re on the train and I have to keep throwing it in there. That’s the part of acting I don’t like. I change [into costume] and I’m like ‘Don’t get too much blood on me!’ Ryuhei has been great, the man’s speaks good English – it’s harder to understand Bradley Cooper.”

Following this gruesome stint, Jones confirms (what we reported here) that he has joined the cast of Larry Bishop’s Hell Ride as “Billy Wings, the main man,” the leader of a Satanic biker cult known as the 666ers. He also solidified Dennis Hopper’s participation. More on that film as it develops.

In the meantime, look for this writer’s chat with Jones at soon!

Source: Ryan Rotten