Games: Crave, STiKS Gaming & Boost Mobile Host Gala Celebrity Arcade Face Off Event Dec. 6


CraveOnline is teaming up with STiKS Gaming and Boost Mobile to put controllers and joysticks in the hands of actors, athletes, musicians and other stars for the inaugural STiKS Arcade Charity Gaming Gala Dec. 6 in Los Angeles.

The event will feature celebrities battling it out head-to-head in some of the hottest new Xbox and PlayStation games with proceeds benefitting charities providing Hurricane Sandy relief to the East Coast.

The superstorm that ripped across the Atlantic seaboard just before Halloween left more than 200 people dead in 7 countries and caused an estimated $50 billion in damage.

While gamers are always intoxicated by the latest and greatest new games, combatants at the event will have the chance to face off in some old-school home gaming classics on vintage Atari 2600 systems as well as two dozen classic arcade games.

Stand-up classics like Pac-Man and Offroad will become celebrity battlegrounds, as well as other coin-op favorites like “Galaga, Tetris, Gauntlet,” said STiKS co-founder Michael Wasserman.

In addition to the games, music at the event will be provided by celebrity DJ, actor and “America’s Got Talent” host Nick Cannon.

“It’s taking all these entertainment aspects and putting it into one location,” actor and STiKS co-founder Brett Claywell said.

Wasserman and Brett Claywell co-founded STiKS in 2006 with the mission to encourage the burgeoning video game community to unite for a cause, enlisting celebrities to raise money for their favorite charities while playing their favorite online video games.

“We’re going to create this event every single year to try to raise money, to get the entire gaming community to come together, use all of this positivity for greater causes,” Claywell said.

While the event is invitation-only, CraveOnline will give you a seat right up front with live streaming coverage from the red carpet and inside the event starting at 7:30 p.m. PST on Dec. 6.

“See the celebrity battles, see a little of what’s going on behind the scenes, and also get some information on how (viewers) can also contribute and donate,” Wasserman said.