E3: Heeding the Call of Duty: Elite


When Call of Duty: Elite was announced, the online freak-out was immediate. “What do you mean we have to pay a monthly subscription?” After a bit more careful reading, most people realized that this was not the case. Sure, you can pay for pro content, but you don’t have to. You are getting a slew of it for free! We got to hear about some of the features you’ll be able to use to upgrade your game play experience behind closed doors today at E3. But first, if you haven’t seen the Legend of Karl video, check it out below. You’ll get a pretty darn funny intro to exactly what Call of Duty: Elite is all about. This video, by the way, was all recorded using the theater feature.

If you’re one of those people who hasn’t seen the outside of your house for weeks because you’re butt is on the couch playing COD, you are going to love Call of Duty: Elite. This is like the back of a baseball card on acid. All your stats are listed for you. Every single one. Your friends can see them, you can compare them to each other, check them in graph form and more. There are heat maps showing where you died and who killed you and from where. If you’re getting killed by the same person over and over, you can figure out exactly why. You can learn which weapons work best for each map or situation. You can form groups according to anything you like (even lavender-scented hand soap as you learned from the video). Football fans, people who like polkadots, even people in your zip code. (Please be careful with that one. We gamers are cool, but some of our number are a bit…off.) You can import your Facebook friends. We bet you don’t know all the gamers in your social circle. You can also form clans and compete for digital badges and real world prizes like iPads and cars. Admins in the clans will have all sorts of abilities, but paid subscriptions will get you more of those and higher valued prizes.

You can record all sorts of video like the one you watched and even better, you get to tag everyone in the video. You, my friend, could be the next Leroy Jenkins! (Yes, that’s a totally different game, but boy is that gamer famous!) You also might get famous for something stupid you did in the game, so practice, practice!

And speaking of that, the coolest feature is the “Improve” section. Not only does Call of Duty: Elite analyze every aspect of what you do with your game play, it helps you get better. There will be video demos and later on, experts will be able to give you advice.

The beta begins in June and is available for Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops. The service will be accessible from every platform from consoles to tablets to your phone. We apologize to your spouse, your children and your pets. You’re not going to be seeing them for a while.

Check out the Legend of Karl video in the player below!