E3: Never Dead Game Preview


Ever dream of ripping off your head and tossing it on top of a building, just to see what was there? Well, of course you have. In the new game Never Dead, you can do just that. We got to get a behind-closed-doors preview of the game at E3 in Los Angeles and we’ve got all the gory details.

In Never Dead, you play Bryce, a man who got into a fight with demons 500 years ago. Never a smart thing to do. His wife was killed in the fight and a demon implanted a demon eye, rendering Bryce immortal. And hey, when you’re immortal, you’re not going to let a little thing like dismemberment stop you from having a good time picking off demons.

Bryce works for a company that takes them down. He sometimes works with a partner. But what you really need to know is, he can rip off limbs and make them explode. In fact, he has to do all sorts of terrible things to himself to solve the puzzles in the game. This linear game (which also has playable flashbacks to 500 years ago, including the fight where his wife was killed) requires you to electrocute yourself so you can complete and electrical circuit and shoot zappy bullets from your gun. At time you have to set yourself on fire so your sword flames. One boss requires you to rip off your arm and throw it down his throat so you can keep shooting from the inside.

Yes, friends. Your arms, legs and even your head keep working after they leave your body. Don’t worry. After they’re done, you can just stick those suckers right back on! If not, they’ll grow back on their own. Even if it’s just your head left rolling on the floor.

You’ve got customizable guns, swords that you upgrade throughout the game , experience points for smiting all those pesky (and kind of cute) demons. In multiplayer mode, you can have a number of Bryces, all in various states of limblessness. You can compete with your doppelgangers or work in co-op mode. (They didn’t release any more details than that.)

The graphics look pretty cool, there is lots of spurty blood and isn’t using your own severed head to scout locations better than using a minion or a scope?

Never Dead will be released in Winter of 2011. Check out the official trailer below.