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Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Rise_of_the_Planet_of_the_Apes movie poster

Release Date: August 5, 2011
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Director: Rupert Wyatt
Screenwriter: Amanda Silver, Rick Jaffa
Starring: James Franco, Freida Pinto, John Lithgow, Brian Cox, Tom Felton, David Oyelowo, Andy Serkis
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for intense and frightening sequences of action and violence)
Official Website:
Review: 8.5/10 rating | 8.5/10 rating
DVD Review: Not Available
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Plot Summary: A single act of both compassion and arrogance leads to a war unlike any other -- and to the "Rise of the Planet of the Apes." - The film delivers a dramatic performance of unprecedented emotion and intelligence, and epic battles on which rest the upended destinies of man and primate.

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