Alan Alda Joins Wanderlust and Tower Heist


Alan Alda has signed on for roles in two Universal films, Wanderlust and Tower Heist, according to a post at The Hollywood Reporter.

Alda, best known for his iconic take on the character of Hawkeye Pierce in the television version of “M*A*S*H,” has made frequent subsequent appearances in TV and film, including, most recently, roles in Flash of Genius and Nothing But the Truth.

Wanderlust stars Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd as a couple who, after losing all their money, take refuge at a commune. Alda is said to play the commune leader.

Tower Heist, meanwhile, stars Ben Stiller as the leader of a group of staff workers-turned-con-men determined to rob Las Vegas’ Trump Tower. Alda will play a Wall Street executive whose Ponzi scheme tricks Stiller and his co-workers.