More with Jude and Gwenyth


CS!: Was it important for you to be in a position where your name can carry a movie as a lead actor?
Law: It was never important to me. I think it’s important to get to a place where you can hopefully try and choose work, to work with people you really like and do jobs that you really believe in, rather than just go out to pay the rent. It was a huge eye-opener and gear change for me, when Jon said that if I got involved in this, it would really help get the thing made. I felt if I could empower someone like Kerry who I believed in and had a project that I thought was worthwhile and really important. If I could do that, then that was a really great thing, and it meant a lot to me.

CS!:You’re doing a lot of smaller movies in the next few months. If Sky Captain does well, do you think it can get people who enjoyed it to see some of those others movies?
Law: That’s a really good point. I certainly didn’t go into this thinking that and I’ve never made a film thinking “this is my blockbuster movie”. When we started this, I saw it as more art house than action-adventure, and now, it sort of sits comfortably in between both. You’re absolutely right. If you garner success from something, and you gain a reputation for your name or people enjoy following your films, that may draw them to a film like Huckabees or Closer, which you do because they’re important, heart-felt smaller scale projects. That’s a really important balance to maintain.

CS!: On the other hand, Gwyneth, you have completely cleared your schedule to take care of your new baby, Apple. Are your acting days behind you?
Paltrow:: I don’t think I’ll never act again in a starring role. I just think I’ll be very judicious about what I do and when I go back to work. If you have a baby like mine, who is the most divine thing in the world, I just can’t imagine going away or working 14 hours a day and missing her life. Also, I’m sure that–speaking to other women I know–maybe in six months or a year or whenever, I’ll miss expressing myself creatively and I may want to do it. I’m just trying not to make a plan or judge myself. Right now, I want to be with her all the time and I’ll see how it goes, but I’m sure I’ll work again at some point.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow opens September 17 nationwide.