Fired Up Set Visit: Molly Sims


Even in workout clothes, which was the costume Molly Sims was sporting the day we were on the Fired Up set, the former model looked stunningly gorgeous and in between takes she stopped to talk to us about her high school days and why teenagers will love this movie. We’ve heard John Michael Higgins’ character may not be straight even though you’re married to him in the film. What’s your take?
Molly Sims: We’re thinking he may be more asexual. We’re definitely married and we have that traditional marriage. He’s such a phenomenal actor it’s just unbelievable. He’s so fun to work with. He’s so great with these people and the story and telling it in such a funny and believable way so I think he’s really going to make this film.

CS: What are some of the things that go on at cheerleading camp?
Sims: I went to cheer camp. It’s mean girl central with all the hormones raging. What’s great about the film is that my cousin is 16-years-old and from Kansas City and this stuff really happens. You think while you’re shooting it, “No way. They can’t be that mean.” They’re actually meaner. It’s interesting how you have those mean girls and how they all group together and become very clicky. Even some who don’t want to be in the click are in the click just because. I think it’s going to do very well because it’s such a subject that girls and guys deal with. These guys are in heaven with about 300 gorgeous girls around them. It’s definitely been fun to shoot. We’ve had such a laugh.

CS: What attracted you to this role?
Sims: John Michael Higgins and then I knew the director Will [Gluck] and just the whole thing of that clickieness. I was a cheerleader, but I wasn’t, but I was and then I was clicky, but I wasn’t. Just that whole thing that I had such a problem with in high school. I wasn’t a cheerleader my freshman year because I didn’t make it, then I was a cheerleader sophomore and junior year, then I didn’t make it senior year because I didn’t try out so it was just the whole thing of dealing with high school like in the clicks. That’s probably what drew me to it and then I love comedy. It just came at the right time. I had just finished “Yes Man” with Jim Carey and it was in town.

CS: This movie will have a draw for teenage audiences, but do you think it will for older audiences as well?
Sims: I think moreso if they have kids. I think it’s going to be like another “Wedding Crashers.” You know the thing where it kind of becomes cultish like “Bring It On.” Those movies that you can get into that you can repeat. I think everybody will like it. I definitely think it’s going to draw more 16, 17, 18, 19, 20-year-olds and then the parents will take their kids who want to see it and are underage. It’s pretty clean.

CS: What kinds of scenes do you have with the guys? Eric was saying he was the one who falls for you.
Sims: I actually rape him in the end. I have been body slammed. I’ve actually gotten bit a couple of times. It’s definitely been more of a physical thing.

CS: Bit? Should I ask how that happened?
Sims: Oh yeah. I got body slammed like seven times last week. But, yes then I end up attacking Eric Christian Olsen.

CS: Is it because he said he wanted to lick your face?
Sims: It was. I actually was the one licking his face. I licked his face all over. It was because of the pent of frustration with her asexual husband.

Fired Up opens in theaters on February 20.

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