Comic Book Characters Who Need Their Own Movie


Comic-Con is upon us and now the great debate over the coolest comic book character has begun! Movie execs, screenwriters and producers scoured the floor, looking for the next great superhero movie persona. That’s not how it actually works, but it would probably be more interesting if it did.

Well, since we’re probably just going to end up with another Wolverine movie, let’s at least fantasize about the other comic book characters who could make an awesome protagonist for a film…

Rorschach: You might also know him as Walter Kovacs, a gangly-looking redheaded fellow. Rorschach is best known for his appearance in both the “Watchmen” graphic novel and movie where he was portrayed as a badass vigilante psychopath, doling out justice like Dexter, but with a little more sadism (if that’s possible). He’s also one of the most interesting characters in the history of comic books and he could definitely use a film of his own to depict the development of all his madness.

Lobo: The two coolest things about Lobo are also the reasons why he should be featured in his own movie. One, he’s an interstellar mercenary. Two, he’s an alien bounty hunter. Is that not enough for you? Well, what about the fact that he’s appeared as both a villain and an antihero in the pages of DC comic books, and above everything else, the dude is a biker. Why hasn’t this movie been made yet?

Martian Manhunter: Some people call Martian Manhunter a more interesting version of Superman. J’onn J’onzz, or John Jones, was brought to earth by a scientist using a teleportation beam. Unfortunately, the scientist dies soon after. This unfortunate occurrence keeps Jones from going home. So instead of crying about it, he decides to do some crime fighting while he waits for his Martian brothers to develop technology that can bring him back.

Union Jack: The British counterpart to Captain America is pretty amazing. He becomes active during WW2 (like Cap) where he takes on the role of an assassin/spy. With no super powers, he simply uses his athleticism and charm to ensure the success of his missions. Sound familiar? Yeah, there’s another character that he might remind you of: James Bond. Well, except that Union Jack is openly gay. I don’t think Bond is…

Multiple Man: You might not have heard of James Madrox, but he’s one of the cooler characters to grace the pages of Marvel Comics. While he makes a brief appearance in “X-Men: The Last Stand,” his talents are completely wasted. With his power, making “dupes” of himself, he could easily create enough havoc to warrant a movie of his own. Maybe a modified version of “Reservoir Dogs” where he plays all of the guys?

Blob: Frederick Dukes, AKA Blob, briefly appears in one movie. He shows up in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” but only for a moment and without much consequence. It’s pretty simple, Blob is so big that he has his own minor gravitational pull… I think that warrants a movie.

Gambit: Remy LeBeau is actually a much weirder character than you’d think. While his Cajun accent might hint that he’s a product of New Orleans, the mutant with the most explosive power is actually from another dimension. Didn’t know that? Well, think of all the other cool things you could learn if he had his own movie!